Home Page: Welcome to W4HH Amateur Radio

I am Joe Schlatter, amateur radio call sign W4HH and this is my amateur radio website.  I have set up this site to share my interest in the hobby of amateur radio.  There’s nothing earth-shaking on this site, just one person sharing his experiences — I hope you find something interesting here.  I’ll add material from time to time, so, please come back and visit.

My current station

I have three HF rigs and two VHF/UHF rigs:

  •  A Yaesu FT-857 160-6 meters, 100-watt, all-mode transceiver..
  •  A Yaesu FT-817 QRP 160-1.25 meters, 5-watt (0.5 – 5 watts), all-mode transceiver; with LD Z817 antenna tuner
  •  An Elecraft K1 QRP 40-30-20-15 meter, 5-watt CW transceiver with built-in keyer and antenna tuner.  I purchased this rig used in March 2012.
  •  Yaesu FT-7900 VHF/UHF transceiver; used to monitor local public service frequencies.
  • Yaesu FTM100DR VHF/UHF transceiver.

Station antennas:  I use a simple wire antenna on HF and a vertical on VHF/UHF.

I operate almost 100 percent CW using mostly an old 1950 Vibroplex Lightning Bug, or, a WW-II-vintage J-38 straight key.  I also have, but rarely use, a miniature key from American Morse Equipment, and, an AME miniature paddle.

NOTICE TO ANYONE WITH WHOM I HAVE A QSO:  I don’t use eQSL, Logbook of the World or any logging software.  I keep an old-fashioned paper logbook and send paper QSL cards.

My amateur radio biography

I obtained my first amateur radio operator’s license in November 1958 — Novice Class, KN4FPT.  A few months later I upgraded to Technician Class, K4FPT.  Here’s my license history:

  • Novice, KN4FPT, November 1958;
  • Technician, K4FPT, February 1959;
  • Advanced, K4FPT, April 1979;
  • Extra, K4FPT, September 1992;
  • Received vanity call W4HH, January 6, 1997.
  • While stationed in Japan, July 1990 – July 1993, I held a Japanese amateur radio license.

I am a retired Army officer and was on active duty from May 1967 to April 1995.  As a result of frequent moves and living in all sorts of housing — our own home, rented houses, apartments, military housing — I have been on and off the air.  At times I was on the air with a lot of equipment and antennas, at other times everything was packed away and I was not operating.  Now that we have settled down into our own home, I am on the air from time to time with a modest station.  I try to get on regularly, mostly on 40 CW.  I usually am on the air 3-4 days a week, early morning and late evening.

Location:  Northumberland County, VA along the Potomac River where the river joins the Chesapeake Bay.

Northumberland County, VA. Potomac River on North, Chesapeake Bay on East.