Very good contact with N1NUH

Had a good contact tonight on 40 CW with Joe, N1NUH, in Middlebury, CT.  Joe sends CW very well — it was easy to copy him.  We chatted on CW from around 0208Z to 0240Z 6/22/17.  Signals were strong and solid all the way.

I was using my old S&S Engineering ARK-4 QRP CW transceiver running 5 watts into my OCF dipole.  The ARK4 has a built-in keyer; I plugged in a paddle and was trying to use it.  I’m very rusty with the paddle; will try using it more and more to develop some proficiency with it.  Here’s the ARK-4.

S&S Engineering ARK-4; 40-meter CW; 5 watts output; built-in keyer (paddle for the keyer, or, straight key); no speaker, phones only.  Notice the thumbwheel switch tuning.

And here’s the paddle — built from a kit by American Morse.