Recent contacts and activity

Been very busy with other pursuits — mainly rescue squad volunteering where I an am EMT — and have not been on the air.  On April 27 and 28, got back on 40-meter CW.

Had short contact with Greg, NU4R, in Ocala, FL.  Band conditions were awful!!  When we established contact, he had an excellent signal, then, the bottom dropped out and we lost each other in the noise.

On April 28 had nice chat with John K0JVX, in Olathe, KS.  He and I are about the same age, both of us have been licensed since 1958.

May have a problem with my Yaesu FT-857 — power output was erratic during my contact with John.  Will investigate more this weekend.

Ordered a 30-meter dipole from  Will install it as soon as it arrives and see how the 30-meter band works out.

John, K3WWP, and “the streak”

Here’s a link to an amateur radio website that celebrates a one-of-a-kind accomplishment that is still going on.

John, callsign K3WWP of Kittanning, PA, operates low power (QRP) CW (Morse code) with very simple equipment and antennas.  Several years ago John decided he would make at least one QRP CW contact per day just to see how long he could keep it up.

As of August 3, 2017, John’s streak has been going for 8,400 DAYS!!!  That’s right — using only low power (5 watts or less), very simple antennas and Morse code, John has made at least one contact per day for 8,400 days without a break — that’s 23 years!!  And he’s still at it!!

Go to John’s very informative website to follow his streak and to learn more about this interesting facet of amateur radio.

Very good contact with N1NUH

Had a good contact tonight on 40 CW with Joe, N1NUH, in Middlebury, CT.  Joe sends CW very well — it was easy to copy him.  We chatted on CW from around 0208Z to 0240Z 6/22/17.  Signals were strong and solid all the way.

I was using my old S&S Engineering ARK-4 QRP CW transceiver running 5 watts into my OCF dipole.  The ARK4 has a built-in keyer; I plugged in a paddle and was trying to use it.  I’m very rusty with the paddle; will try using it more and more to develop some proficiency with it.  Here’s the ARK-4.

S&S Engineering ARK-4; 40-meter CW; 5 watts output; built-in keyer (paddle for the keyer, or, straight key); no speaker, phones only.  Notice the thumbwheel switch tuning.

And here’s the paddle — built from a kit by American Morse.


Good contact

Around 8:42 PM EDST, May 30, I had an enjoyable contact with AC4FZ,Wally, in Lillington NC.  Signal strength was good on both ends; we exchanged RST 559.  Thanks for the QSO, Wally; I’ll send a QSL card.

On my end I was using my old S&S Engineering ARK-4 40-meter QRP CW rig with 5 watts out.  Key was the American Morse KK-1B, which I built from a kit.

S&S Engineering ARK-4; 40-meter CW; 5 watts output; built-in keyer (paddle for the keyer, or, straight key); no speaker, phones only.


American Morse KK-1B straight key